About Sparkplug


Elevate your government relations strategies to drive the bottom line and corporate citizenship. We help you identify the overlap between outcomes important to your core business and the priorities of your host governments to develop programs that make a difference in the communities in which you operate. We conduct training for your teams on best practices in government relations and multi-stakeholder collaboration.
Easy to talk about, hard to do. Sparkplug speaks the languages of the private and public sectors, having worked in both. We help you identify the right projects, partners and develop terms of engagement.
Sparkplug will help you understand the policy environment in the markets and communities in which your company or organization seeks to make a positive impact. Your commercial or social engagement will achieve the most success when it meets common public policy objectives.
Sparkplug will help you understand the ecosystem of stakeholders who hold expectations of you and who affect — positively or negatively — the execution of your business or development strategy.
We write original papers and articles for think tanks and foundations with a focus on trade and investment policy, food security, and global public health. We develop policy papers to brief executives, to advocate with stakeholders, or to advance and stimulate public dialogue.
Sparkplug worked with the Center for Strategic and International Studies to launch TradeVistas, a new website and social media platform engaging the public on trade in their lives. We are providing expert analysis in plain, accessible terms. Visit tradevistas.csis.org and join the conversation. Sparkplug is also launching a brand new web application to run trade negotiation simulations for the next generation of policymakers – it’s called Consensus and it’s coming soon.
Sparkplug was formed out of the job of connecting smart, energetic and principled people who make things happen. We will help you expand your network — because you need thought leaders and champions on your side.



Andrea Durkin

Principal & Founder

Andrea Durkin

Andrea has over 22 years of experience and insights
with an extensive global professional network.

She is a former U.S. Government trade negotiator and corporate government relations executive.

She is the Editor-in-Chief of TradeVistas,
a new website on trade.

Ms. Durkin has taught for over a decade as an adjunct associate professor of international trade and investment policy at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.